Hi! I'm Leona. Individual, daughter, sister, friend. But most importantly mum to two semi-ferrel moppets, one of each type. I'm Hampshire born and bred but have travelled the lands far and wide and I'm always happy to travel for photography, or for leisure purposes! I have a particular love of France and Australia but have never been anywhere I haven't enjoyed, and there's soooooo many more places I want to see... I'm also a qualified nurse, so I'm always confident that if anyone were to come a cropper at a wedding or event I'd come in handy in between taking photos!

I'm an incredibly laid-back, down-to-earth type of person, and I'm always up for trying anything once! I love a bit of am dram, the odd naked bike ride, yoga and learning bushcraft skills. I'm also an obsessive reader and watcher of Netflix! I'm a huge lover of animals and nature, vegetarian attempting to be vegan and kind of succeeding... I love being outdoors, swimming in the sea or a river, camping, white water canoeing, feeling the sun on my face generally...oh and I love rhubarb and ginger gin!

I love photography, it really is that simple. I specifically love photographing people. I love photographing the complex, sub-conscious interactions and emotions that pass between people who love each other, be it siblings, mother and child, husband and wife... I love it all! To capture that love and be able to present it back to you, the client, and know that it's made you shed a tear, made you laugh or given you a warm glow, is what drives me in this increasingly competetive industry!

If you feel I'm someone you might like to photograph your family or your wedding day, please do get in touch and let's have a chat!

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